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3 things that have NOT changed after 3 weeks of Whole30

Yesterday we talked about some of the positive changes I’ve noticed since hitting week three of my Whole30.

Today will be slightly less inspiring.

Because even though I feel great about my Whole30 commitment thus far, it’s still a huge challenge.

Some days I wake up feeling refreshed, grab my banana smoothie, kill a workout and head to work with a good attitude.

Other days I would give my right arm for a freaking pancake. And I don’t even like pancakes! (That much. All carbs sound pretty good right now.)

Here are three things that, despite my best efforts, haven’t magically improved on Whole30.

1. I still crave the bad stuff. 

Remember when I was fun and drank beer? Me too. Those were the good old days.
For me, 22 days is not nearly long enough to break some of my hardest cravings (namely alcohol and anything fried).

This is especially true for when I have a bad day or feel emotionally stretched thin. My first instinct is still to drink a beer or eat pizza. Clearly 25 years of bad habits will take more than 22 days to overcome.

I hope that, someday, I can get a snarky email and not immediately think, DOES ANYBODY HAVE BOOZE?? But for now, I’m happy just to be more aware of that instinct.


2. I still feel tired/cranky/unmotivated sometimes. 

It’s a toss-up who Whole30 has been harder on.. me or the dog.
This is for all you numbers people.

Before Whole30, I felt “good” (healthy, happy, energetic, positive, etc.) about 50% of the time. Three weeks into Whole30, I feel good more like 75% of the time. (That’s a 50% increase! How ya like me now, 12th grade calculus professor? Sorry I cried in your class that one time.)

But still, about a quarter of the time I am just not feelin it. On Monday evening I could NOT sleep, skipped my Tuesday morning workout, and meant to wake up at 6 a.m. but ended up staying in bed until past 8. My first thought was, “What the hell? I have been eating all these VEGGIES though!”

Except that’s just not how bodies work. Sometimes, even when you’re eating ALL THE VEGGIES, you’re just gonna feel okay. So try not to do what I did: Get upset at inanimate food items when you discover you have a zit.


3. I still mess up recipes. 

Anybody need 32 ounces of watery soup? Because I’ve got plenty.
For some people, cooking comes naturally. Either they grew up watching their mom, they genuinely enjoy watching the Food Network, or they just have really good instincts when it comes to which heat setting to use on the stove. (Pro tip: High is NEVER the answer.)

I am not one of those people.

My cooking skills have improved a LOT since starting this Whole30 journey, but they still leave plenty to be desired.

Like the time I attempted to make approved ranch dressing and had to go to the store three times in one morning because I kept forgetting ingredients, only to realize after tasting the final product that “extra virgin” olive oil is definitely not the same as “light” olive oil.

Or the night I tried to make my boyfriend potato soup “just like Panera’s” (spoiler alert: it wasn’t), but forgot to include an ingredient so the meal took two hours from start to finish and still ended up pretty soupy.

IT HAPPENS. I’m sure it happens to even really experienced chefs. The problem is that when you’re on Whole30, you’ve oftentimes put a lot of money/planning/tears into your food, so ruining it is that much harder.

But, all that being said, I don’t regret attempting this Whole30 at ALL. It’s been a challenge, for sure. Probably one of the bigger challenges I’ve ever attempted. But I promise you, it is worth it just to learn that you crave cinnamon toast when you’re sad.

Did you experience any negative effects while on Whole30, or even just neutral ones? Please let me know!

Happy hump day,