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When #EclipseDay gets you down

Most people will remember today as Solar Eclipse Day.

I will remember today as the day I lost my shoes walking into work.

To the chagrin of eclipse-watchers, it is a cloudy, stormy day in Kansas City. Which is why I wore my $5 Target flip-flops to work. No sense ruining a good pair of shoes in this rain, right?

What I didn’t factor in, however, was that all the rain would create a FLASH FLOOD RIVER in the street in front of my office. This river would go on to claim both my shoes, and a little bit of my dignity.

If you’re wondering what I did when both my shoes were swept away and swiftly carried downstream, I did the only thing one can do in such a situation: Continued walking into the office, shoe-less.

On a normal day, this would have been a problem. But since today is ECLIPSE DAY, there is hardly anyone in the office, making my barefootedness almost acceptable.

(Is this how the Barefoot Contessa got her name? I’m thinking not.)

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Let me know how you handled it, because I feel like walking into the office saying “THE RAIN STOLE MY SHOES!” was perhaps not the best response.

Stay dry, and enjoy the eclipse!