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Whole30 and your people

My boyfriend is the best.

When I first told him I was attempting a Whole30, he was immediately supportive, offering to cook approved meals, try my Whole30 concoctions, and even help me stay on track when I want to quit.

That being said, I have been pretty boring this month.

This morning, we woke up to a beautiful summer Saturday. If it was any other day, we would have spent it trying new beers a brewery, eating appetizers with friends, or sipping mojitos by the pool.

But I can’t do any of those things, and Morgan (bless his heart) doesn’t want to put me in a situation that everyone else can enjoy, but I am stuck sipping water and eating a kale salad. (Kale salads can be delicious, but less so when your friends are eating hot wings right beside you.)

To make things just a tiny bit worse, Morgan has spent all summer studying for the Bar Exam. And JUST when he gets to start having a life again, I’m on my clean eating experiment, which means no eating out, no wine tastings, no Friday nights sipping beer on the patio.

So yeah, today kind of sucked.

And before you begin the Whole30, you should know – there are going to be days that just kind of suck. There’s no way around it. You’ll feel sad, not like yourself, anxious, preoccupied with every bit of food you see.

When that happens – and it will happen – do me a favor and DON’T go to ALDI, Costco and a restaurant in a three-hour span. Just trust me on this one.

Oh, ALDI. So new and shiny and yet I cannot enjoy any of your fancy cheeses.

And remember: Your friends and family will support you no matter what. But it wasn’t them who decided to spend 30 days without bread. So give them a lot of extra love this month, and make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Because trust me, without their support, you won’t make it far.

Case in point: When I arrived at Morgan’s house last night with bags full of coconut cream and a heart full of hanger, he had this waiting for me.

Whole30 fact: Limes and La Croix will keep you from losing your mind.

A perfectly crafted mocktail, so I wouldn’t feel miserable while he sipped his red wine (from a box. We’re not THAT classy).

Like I said, without support from your people, you’ll never make it. Just make sure you’re supporting them right back.