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Whole30, Day 17: I made up a recipe and nothing bad happened

So I have some wonderful news. For the first time in my young life, I took what I had in the kitchen, threw it in a CrockPot, and nothing bad happened. 

Please don’t laugh. Some of us are VERY cooking challenged. 

Last night I got home from the gym and realized I had nothing planned for lunch that day. All my previously made meals were gone, I was out of my usual staples (carrots and guacamole, taco meat, etc.) and there wasn’t time to go to the grocery store and make something brand new. 

So I improvised. 

I had a handful of sweet potatoes that were about to go bad, plus some frozen chicken tenderloins. As it turned out, that was all I needed. 

I searched online for a recipe, but each one called for an ingredient I didn’t have (chicken broth, nutritional yeast, and bell peppers, just to name a few.)

So I summoned up my courage, said a little prayer, and dumped a bunch of shit in the CrockPot. 

Please god don’t let this all turn black by morning.

I went to bed thinking, “This is not going to end well.”

I woke up thinking, “This does not look appetizing.”

But guess what? It DID end well and it WAS appetizing!

So here’s my super simple, three-ingredient perfect Crock Pot recipe. 

First, chop up whatever vegetables you have on hand. I had sweet potatoes, but you can also use regular potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus – really whatever is in your kitchen at the time. 

Next, grease your CrockPot with some olive oil cooking spray and add the vegetables. 

If CrockPots are your friend, CrockPot liners are your BEST friend. If you’re not using these, you are inviting a word of hassle into your life that you simply do not need.

Finally, add some chicken breasts (I used six tenderloins – roughly the amount for 3 chicken breasts). 

Add some minced garlic (I used 3 cloves), drizzle the whole thing with olive oil, and you’re DONE. 

Taken about five minutes before I was passed out in bed.

Well, almost done. Set your timer on LOW for 6-8 hours, then get back to your life (or if you’re like me, straight to bed.)

I cooked my concoction for eight hours and it was VERY well done. My advice for “perfect” chicken would be to cook on low for six hours, then check to see how things are progressing. I know that’s not always possibly (because work and sleep), but that’s my best advice. 

Aaaaand here’s the finished product! Okay, I know it doesn’t look THAT appetizing (see my note above about cook times), but I promise you it was. 

Now I not only have lunch for today, but for this weekend in between the gym, errands and hanging out with my people. 

Look for a post soon about how I’m feeling on the downhill slide of the Whole30! For now, have a great weekend.