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Thoughts on a “perfect” Whole30

I have a confession to make: I’m not going to have a perfect Whole30. In fact, I haven’t even tried.

Before I decided to take the plunge, I told my therapist I was skeptical about the fact that Whole30 doesn’t allow hummus or edamame, since a) I eat one of those items nearly every day, and b) Both are pretty healthy.

Her response? Then EAT THE DAMN HUMMUS.

Her point being, if you stick to 99% of the rules of Whole30, but still eat hummus and edamame, that’s still a pretty kick ass accomplishment.

And you know what? Now that I’m nearly halfway through, I’ve found lots of compliant foods to substitute for those items. But do I start over because I had hummus during the first week? Heck no!

Listen, the Whole30 creators will tell you over and over again: “It’s only 30 days.” But you know what? For someone who’s been struggling with eating their entire life, 30 days can feel like a lifetime. And if you need that one splash of milk in your coffee, or that one glass of wine on your anniversary, or that one dinner party item you’re not 100% sure is approved, who am I to judge?

(OK, so if you binge on pizza and beer and ice cream, maybe consider a reset. If you accidentally eat a peanut? Nah.)

Maybe someday I’ll be strong enough/savvy enough to complete that “perfect” Whole30. But for now, I am “perfectly” happy with my 99% compliant one. When I look at where I started versus where I am today, I know it’s enough.


Am I thinking about cheese in this photo? YOU BET I AM. But am I eating it? No, no I am not. And that is a victory.