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Whole30, Day 4: Farmers’ Market therapy

New advice for anyone struggling with Whole30: Get yourself to a Farmers’ Market, ASAP.

Despite the pouring rain, this place was PACKED. I think these people are on to something.

There’s just something about them. Some of the things I love:

  • The many different types of farmers: Where else do you find lifetime Kansans setting up shop next to recent immigrants, and elderly couples alongside small children helping out their parents?
  • The variety of foods: I stuck mostly to veggies, but this place has everything: Grass-fed meats, succulents, jellies and jams, fresh milk, you name it.
  • The other shoppers: One thing that struck me was how few people came to the Farmers’ Market alone. Almost everyone was alongside their partner, their children, their friends or their family. Most of us grocery shop alone, but the Farmers’ Market turns that errand into a community affair.
  • The camaraderie: It is also just extremely cool to be surrounded by hundreds of other people who value some of the same things you do (eating healthy, shopping local, and being conscious of the environment.

Here’s my advice for those who are new to cooking, Whole30, Farmers’ Markets, etc: You really have to bring a list. Otherwise, that place can be overwhelming.

I came armed with the list of everything I needed to cook my three “big” meals for the week. This turned out to be crucial.

I’m not one of those people who can just throw everything in a pot and make a killer stew. I need just a little guidance, otherwise I’ll leave $40 later with a combination of ingredients that would stump even a master chef.

You can imagine, then, how pleased I was with myself when I walked out of the Farmers’ Market with a bag full of local produce – everything I needed to kick some Whole30 ass for the next week.

And then it started raining.

This shirt was a different color when I woke up this morning.

Needless to say, I was ill-prepared for the downpour. When I left my apartment is was barely sprinkling, so who needs an umbrella, amiright?? Wrong.

If I didn’t look like a Farmers’ Market newbie before, I definitely looked strange running through the pouring rain in a tank top and Birkenstocks. And then subsequently losing my keys in said rain. (They were in my bag the whole time. Because of COURSE they were.)

To recap the major takeaways here:

  1. Farmers’ Markets are just good for the soul (especially the Whole30 soul).
  2. Bring a list or else you may blow $20 on the first good-looking veggie you see.
  3. Check the weather and dress accordingly.

Manage all that, and you can start your Saturday morning off right: With a bunch of veggies and a new will to live.

Ta da!
I am now apparently the type of person who purchased large quantities of kale. Mixed feelings about this.
When your impulse purchase is a $2 baby succulent, you’re doing okay.

Now what do you do with your giant leeks and tiny tomatoes? More on that tomorrow.