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Whole30: Day 3 (AKA, The Hangover)

Today I discovered this post on, and it is giving me a lot of anxiety/hope. (What, you don’t experience those two things together?)

Apparently, days 2-3 of the Whole30 are lovingly referred to as The Hangover. That’s because your body starts rejecting all the kale you’re eating and turns against you, trying to make you eat pasta. (I’m paraphrasing here.)

In another cruel twist of fate, the crappier you ate before the Whole30, the worse you’re going to feel on these two days. So perhaps the Italian feast I ate the night before starting wasn’t the best idea.

“The amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of crap you consumed before you began the program.”

-Whole30’s Robin Strathdee

I can tell you firsthand, this is definitely a thing. I woke up today feeling ROUGH. Groggy, sluggish, out of sorts (you can keep reading, but I’m just going to keep listing synonyms I found on shaky, weak, punch-drunk (LOL).

Basically me this morning.

I also found this great post from the Peanut Butter Runner, recapping her experience with Whole30. What she said, and I am quickly realizing to be true, is that you will NOT make it through 30 days unless you get creative. Meaning, if I try to eat boiled eggs and chicken breast for the next 27 days, I will definitely punch someone in the face (or more likely, just quit Whole30).

For instance, last night I got a last-minute invite to join my cousins at my grandma’s house. Since I can’t eat sub sandwiches in the car anymore, this made dinner rather difficult. I ended up eating raw cherry tomatoes, two boiled eggs, a plain chicken breast and a banana. It was not delicious.

Another insight from the Peanut Butter Runner: She started the program with 23 people. Only three finished. So, woof. Most of them, she says, dropped out because they simply could not eat another boring meal.

Which is all to say, I am going to go BAT SHIT on meal prep this weekend. Because the only thing worse than doing a Whole30 is doing 10 days of a Whole30, then quitting.

Look for updates from the Farmer’s Market, cooking for my mom and boyfriend, and my general desire to be one of the thin, perky blonde girls at the gym.