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Whole30, Day 1: Self-inflicted destruction

Day 1 update: OMFG THIS IS HARD.

To be fair, I made it infinitely more painful by not being prepared when the day came. This morning I woke up with literally NO Whole30-approved food. Needless to say, the first few hours of the day were rough.

If I had a dollar for the number of times I thought “Maybe I’ll go get a slice of pizza at lunch,” or “I am DEFINITELY having a beer when I get home,” I would have ONE MILLION PIZZAS. (Sorry, I’ve been thinking a lot about pizza today.)

For those of you who enjoy lists, here is the gist of my food intake today:

  • Breakfast: A VERY expensive cold-pressed juice thing that I bought in desperation because it was next door to my gym. I’m pretty sure it’s approved because it’s basically just beets and oranges (I know), but I’ll take my chances.
  • Morning snack: Got to work and immediately started eating carrots and hummus, which I eat all the time so NBD.
  • Lunch: Did I mention I was unprepared today? Lunch consisted of a bag of steamed vegetables from the frozen section of my grocery store. It wasn’t BAD necessarily, but I’m pretty sure it gave me visions of cheese for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Afternoon snack: Almonds and a black coffee. I can already tell that having a social life is going to be v. hard this month. My co-workers and I have meetings at the restaurants across the street pretty regularly, and at this point, a black coffee is pretty much the only thing I can have. Meh.
  • Dinner: This. THIS is my bread and butter. (OMG I miss bread.) I carved out enough time for myself to make four chicken breasts to last me the rest of the week, mix up salads and cut up avocados. Don’t get me wrong, I still would have killed a small animal for a glass of wine, but I’m feeling *slightly* more optimistic about the process. 
It may not look like much, but honestly, by the time I got done prepping everything I wasn’t that hungry anymore. (Wait, is THAT how people lose so much weight on Whole30?)
​But as my therapist said, “You WILL get to the point where you will gouge someone’s eyes out for a cookie.”
So that’s something to look forward to.